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Honda Enhanced Cabin Air Filter

From £80.00

Protect yourself and your passengers with an enhanced Cabin Air Filter

Honda has introduced a new premium cabin air filter which is highly effective at capturing a wide range of harmful germs, allergens and even viruses related to significant health problems, including infection risks associated with the SARS COV-2 (Covid-19) virus.

This new premium cabin air filter provides active protection by significantly reducing the concentration of viral aerosols. This is achieved by a unique multi-layer design that effectively filters, captures and suppresses noxious environmental gases as well as inorganic and biological particles and aerosols.

The first two microfibre layers of the Honda premium cabin air filter capture most ultrafine aerosols, dust and pollen while the third layer, made of activated carbon, is responsible for the adsorption of harmful pollution such as particulates and acid gases. An innovative fourth bio-functional layer coated with the active substance of fruit extract then effectively inactivates captured viral aerosols and prevents them from being released back into the cabin air.

Have yours fitted by us here at Startin Honda Worcester now for just £80.00!

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