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Modern Slavery Statement


Our group of companies are committed to combating modern slavery in all its forms within our operations and supply chains. This statement outlines our approach to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking and describes the steps we are taking to ensure that these practices are not taking place within our organisation or our supply chains. 

Organisational Structure

Thomas Startin Junr, Startin Group, Cresser Car Company & Freeman Junior Ltd are a group of motor trade companies. The group is made up of 7 dealership locations. Services we offer are the selling of new & used vehicles and maintenance, service & repair work. We offer We recognise the importance of addressing the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in all aspects of our operations. 

Our Policies

We have zero tolerance towards modern slavery and human trafficking. Our policies reflect our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships and to implementing and enforcing effective systems and controls to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our supply chains. 

Due Diligence

We are committed to conducting due diligence on our suppliers and partners to assess and address the risk of slavery and human trafficking. This includes: 

  • Assessing our supply chain to identify and assess potential risk areas. 
  • Engaging with our suppliers to convey our expectations on modern slavery and to evaluate their compliance with our values and standards. 
  • Conducting audits were deemed necessary to ensure our suppliers’ compliance with our anti-slavery policies. 
  • Providing training to relevant employees to raise awareness of modern slavery and how to identify and report any concerns. 

Risk Assessment and Management

We continuously assess the risk of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains. This includes regular reviews of our policies and procedures to ensure they remain effective and fit for purpose. 


We provide training on modern slavery and human trafficking to our employees to ensure they understand the risks and signs of exploitation and to emphasize the importance of ethical business practices. 

Reporting Concerns

We encourage all employees, customers, and suppliers to report any concerns related to modern slavery and human trafficking. We investigate all reports thoroughly and take appropriate action where necessary. 

Future Steps

We are committed to continually improving our practices to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. This includes ongoing engagement with our suppliers, monitoring changes in legislation and best practices, and further enhancing our due diligence processes. 


This statement has been approved by the board of directors of Thomas Startin Junr, Startin group, Cresser Car Company & Freeman Junior and will be reviewed annually. 


May 2024  

Name and Position 

Timothy Freeman & Ben Winslow  

Managing Director & Operations Director