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10 Fun Games to Play In The Car

21 March 2023

A helpful Startin Group Guide to the best Games to play in the car.

Are you interested in keeping your passengers occupied on the upcoming road trip or journey? Startin Group have got you covered, our selection of child-friendly games can make your upcoming trip even smoother


How to play!

This old favourite many will already know – one player gets to start with the magic words, “I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with A…”. The other players then make an attempt to identify it. The first person to guess right gets to go next. For younger children play with colours e.g. I spy something that is blue.

Number Plate Game

How to play!

Find a car's number plate first. Next, try to combine the letters to form a word.

More points are awarded for longer words.


Finish the lyrics/Name the song or artist

How to play!

Players can either play the game while listening to the radio or by having a non-participating passenger play tunes from their phone. When checking players' responses, the phone increases accuracy. The name of the artist may be yelled out at any time while the music is playing.

You could also play this by stopping the music and getting the passengers to finish the lyrics - make sure the driver isn't in charge of stopping the music as it would distract them from the road!


Who am I?

How to play!

If you have a post it you can write a famous person or animal and stick it to their forward (not needed to play but makes it more fun!) The other people only give yes or no answers until the person figures out who they are.  


Two truths and a lie

How to play!

Each player has the opportunity to say three things, two of which must be true and one of which must be untrue.

The other participants must then attempt to determine which of the statements is false.


Quiet game

How to play!

Even though it's not technically a game, this will offer the adults a rest from talking all the time. Whoever can maintain silence the longest wins. The person who speaks first loses.


Spot the sign!

How to play!

Self explanatory give them a road sign to look out for (if you are going to a safari park perhaps even start looking our for the brown sign telling them where they are going) and the first person to spot it wins!


Would you rather?

How to play!

For children it could be would you rather watch TV or go swimming - for adults it can be more interesting! Each person takes it in turns to ask a would you rather question. 



How to play!

One person chooses a category — such as types of cars or types of fast food chains. Then, everyone in the car takes turns naming something that fits in the category. 

When you cannot think of anymore that person loses and someone else chooses a category


20 Questions

How to play!

Guess what a person is thinking in 20 questions

Someone thinks of something, Then the passengers begins by asking questions,  you can't repeat a question that has been asked. The person that guesses it right gets to go next.