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A Startin Guide To: Defrosting Your Car Safely

08 December 2023

When you find yourself in a hurry on a chilly morning, the least welcome inconvenience is a frost-covered windscreen hindering your safe journey. However, it's worth noting that certain approaches to defrosting a windscreen may pose a risk of damaging your car.

Take your time and avoid potential harm to yourself and your vehicle by following Startin Group's straightforward steps that demonstrate how to efficiently and safely defrost a car windscreen.

An ice scraper is the cheapest and an effective way to clear your windshields as it efficiently removes ice and frost without causing damage to the glass surface. Here are a few more hacks:

Your Car's Heater: Your New Best Friend in Cold Weather!

When the cold strikes and your windshield is encased in frost, your car's heater becomes your ally. Turn your heater up to the highest setting, complemented by keeping the air conditioning on. Remember to turn off recirculation and slightly crack open your window. This strategic approach minimises condensation, expediting the defrosting process.

Windscreen Heater

Make use of your Windscreen and Rear Window Heaters. In most cars, the front windscreen heater button resembles a curved window, while the rear heater button is represented by a rectangular window symbol.

De-Icer Sprays: A Quick Fix

De-icer sprays stand out as a swift solution for clearing your windscreen. These specially formulated sprays penetrate ice crystals, breaking them apart for easy removal. Ensure optimal results by adhering to the instructions on the can. Some de-icer sprays are designed for use the night before, providing a preventive layer against freezing overnight. 

Windscreen Covers: Preventative Measures

For a preventative approach, invest in a windscreen cover. Simply place it over your windshield, allowing frost to accumulate on the cover instead of your windscreen. Save time by putting the cover on the night before to ensure a hassle-free start in the morning.

Do not fall for online "hacks"

There are a lot of videos out there claiming to have genius ways to defrost your car. But most of the methods don't work or could even cause you extra problems. In fact there are also lots of videos online showing the awful consequences of using these hacks!

Firstly, certain unconventional methods may involve using abrasive materials or sharp objects, risking damage to the glass or the delicate heating elements embedded in modern windshields. 

Some DIY solutions involve using hot water, which poses a risk of thermal shock, potentially causing the glass to crack due to sudden temperature changes. Similarly, using metal objects for scraping can scratch the glass and compromise its integrity over time.

It's essential to be cautious with alternative methods, as they might not only be ineffective but also potentially detrimental to the structural integrity and longevity of the windscreen. Following recommended and safe defrosting practices is advisable to avoid any unintended consequences or damage to your vehicle.

While the temptation to hastily clear a bit of frost might be strong, it's crucial to ensure complete visibility. If you're hurrying to get to work or do the school run, it can be tempting to drive off as soon as the ice has cleared a little. But this could dangerously obstruct your view of the road if there's still ice or mist on your windscreen. Other than the potential danger you can also get a £100 fine and 3 points on your licence if you drive with obscured vision.


With these expert techniques at your disposal, defrosting your car becomes a seamless and safe routine throughout the winter. Stay ahead of the frost, stay safe, and enjoy a stress-free morning commute.