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All New Kia Sorento- Now Available

11 April 2024

The All-New Kia Sorento has arrived at Startin Group. The iconic and much loved model has had an update, this new model of Sorento offers a tailored experience for all needs. 

Unveiling the New Kia Sorento: A Leap Forward in Family SUVs

The world of cars you see on the road around you is ever changing, with each new release promising more features, better performance, and heightened luxury it can be hard to keep up. Well new at Startin Kia Warwick and Startin Kia Redditch we are proud to showcase the Kia Sorento! Kia has cultivated the reputation for offering quality feature filled cars that make a hectic family life manageable for a more economic rate than some, whilst still offering quality and luxury for your driving experience as well as your passengers. This new model is not just an update but a complete reimagination made to make you and your family more comfortable. 

The New Sorento has had an update not just of the interior but the exterior, Our Startin experts have been impressed by the sculpted bodywork and the sleek LED headlights, simple and elegant. Most interestingly the car noise has been reduced by a modified front grill, meaning your children can stay asleep on the long journeys whilst you enjoy the luxurious driving experience of this great car. 

Kia has packed the new Sorento with the latest technology. An upgraded infotainment system with a larger touchscreen interface offers seamless integration with mobile devices, enhanced navigation capabilities, and a more intuitive user interface. Even the seats have individual climate control and an inbuilt air quality filter to ensure your cabin is as comfortable as you'd expect from what is predicted to be one of the front runners of the family SUV category.

This Kia Sorento has been filled with all the Tech you would expect from a modern car and more. The integrated control screen allows you full control over climate, sound and navigation, perfect for the long holiday journeys coming in the summer, measuring your risks and control on the parts of driving we all worry about.  

With 3 rows and 7 Seats this SUV not only allows for many passengers but means you can transport your family and all of the luggage without having to worry about crushing your items. You can travel worry free in your Kia Sorento with lane detection and advanced cruise control to make your journey on the road easier. Our Startin brand experts are continually impressed with the versatility and quality of the Kia Sorento, every consideration of a luxury car as well as the everyday use family car have all be accounted for, making the vehicle perfect for you. 


The internals of the car been optimised in line with the current market, giving you the best drive quality we have all expected from Kia. The smooth easy to use mechanics with the same durability and quality that we all know and love, our Kia Brand experts are continually impressed by the mechanic considerations that Kia take over their cars, this Sorento model is available in Hybrid, Plug in Hybrid and petrol also. 

The integration of an all-wheel-drive system with torque control significantly improves traction and stability across various surfaces, from cities to countryside hills and motorways. Kia is ensuring a secure and engaging driving experience, the Sorento’s towing capacity has been upgraded to accommodate more substantial loads, making it ideal for weekend getaways or hauling equipment like trailer or caravan to your coastal getaways .

Coupled with its agile handling and responsive steering, the Sorento delivers a driving performance that is both exhilarating and reassuring, setting a new benchmark for what drivers can expect from a family SUV.

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