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Latest News - Just in from Honda UK

25 February 2020

Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Models ...

Latest News - Just in from Honda UK

"We are proud to announce that Honda officially just released its brand new additions to the Civic Type R range. Two brand new models were showcased in Milan this week. One is the daring, light-weight Limited Edition Type R, which has lost some 47kg if we compare it to the regular Type R GT. And there’s the Honda Type R Sport Line. Revealed for the first time ever, this model resembles the Type R Touring, but has a few significant differences, such as the 19-inch alloys. In addition, the 2020 Type R range has also introduced a face-lifted 2020 Civic Type R. The 2020 Type R hasn’t had many changes made to it, but they all make perfect sense. For example, this model boasts a larger grille and air-intake is thinner, which all in all adds up to 10 degree cooling. Watch the full video to see the rest of the exciting updates. Give this video a thumbs up, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. "

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