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Dacia Spring: Europe's most affordable electric car to come to the UK

13 October 2023

Dacia has confirmed that the highly anticipated fully electric Dacia Spring will be launched in the UK in 2024

  • UK will launch an all-new version, enhanced by several significant improvements in design and equipment
  • Already widely credited with making electric mobility widely accessible in Europe, with over 120,000 customer orders since Spring’s introduction in 2021
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Dacia has officially confirmed that the highly anticipated Dacia Spring will be coming to the UK and Startin Dacia, with the game-changing all-electric city car set to officially reach shores in 2024 as an all-new version, boasting significant improvements in design and equipment.

The Dacia Spring, already Europe’s most affordable new electric car, lives up to Dacia’s reputation for offering unrivalled value. It has already proved a resounding success throughout Europe, with a huge number of drivers won over by its selection of features and highly attractive price. Introduced in 2021, the five-door supermini has made electric mobility widely accessible, with more than 120,000 customer orders placed since its launch. It also made a significant contribution to Dacia increasing its global sales in 2022 by 6.8% year-on-year against a highly challenging and receding market.

Even more impressive is that three quarters of all sales have been made to individual customers, with retail car buyers finding that the Spring’s simple, fun and efficient formula makes it the perfect companion for everyday travel. Often purchased as a household’s second car, Spring is the main means of transport during the week for 90% of multiple-vehicle households who own one.

 Data collected from the Spring’s connected services has provided an insight into how the full four-seat hatchback has met European customers’ requirements, and how it could fit in with the needs of UK drivers whose travel is mostly in urban areas. On average, customers’ daily commutes last under 20 miles and are covered at 16mph, while in 75% of cases, the Spring is charged at home for an average duration of 3.5 hours.

“We are thrilled that Dacia Spring will come to the UK in 2024. It will certainly be worth the wait! It will literally plug a gap in the UK electric car market for a highly usable, quality EV that won’t break the bank and which makes electric vehicle ownership more realistic than ever. With over 120,000 customers already sold on the Spring’s unbeatable, ‘no-nonsense’ blend of value, efficiency and durability, UK car buyers can look forward to an EV that’s perfectly aligned to their mobility requirements and, importantly, is done the Dacia way.”

Luke Broad, Dacia Brand Director for the UK

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