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Google Maps Updates You Need to Know

17 August 2023

Are you searching for a simpler and more effective method to keep tabs on your preferred places and navigate through unfamiliar areas? Well, you're in for a treat – Google Maps has just unveiled a collection of thrilling updates that are guaranteed to streamline both local and distant journeys.

With the latest edition available on both iOS and Android devices, users can now access personalised maps while also taking advantage of novel features such as optimising routes based on fuel type, receiving notifications about electric charging stations, and being alerted about Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) along the route!

So whether your aim is to uncover an excellent restaurant or obtain swift directions, this post is here to furnish you with all the essential information about the freshest Google Maps upgrade. Let our Startin Group guide get you up to speed!

Google Maps will propose fuel-efficient routes tailored to your vehicle's fuel type

Thanks to the fresh enhancements to Google Maps, drivers can now obtain more intuitive and supportive directions with diminished hassle. In addition to plotting the quickest path to your desired destination, Google will also showcase routes that are more fuel-efficient for your specific vehicle. This is fantastic news for eco-conscious drivers aspiring to curtail fuel consumption on each expedition. Google has personalised this functionality based on the fuel type your vehicle uses, thus eradicating the need for excessive manual adjustments.

How to Utilize It:

  1. Launch the settings menu
  2. Opt for 'Navigation'
  3. Locate the 'Route Options' menu within the application
  4. Select 'Fuel-Efficient Routes'
  5. Choose your 'Engine Type' from the array of options: Petrol, Diesel, Electric, or Hybrid

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging on Google Maps

Stay Informed about Electric Charging Stations - Google is taking a significant leap forward in facilitating the global shift to electric vehicles. With their latest update, Google Maps will furnish drivers with notifications regarding accessible electric charging stations along their chosen route. This development is especially advantageous for those who have embraced electric cars and might have concerns about locating charging points during lengthier journeys.

The notifications will promptly inform drivers of precise stopping points to ensure their electric vehicles remain adequately charged and operational. This feature stands as a testament to Google's commitment to simplifying the transition towards greener transportation options and decreasing reliance on conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

How to Make Use of It:

  1. Upon searching for a destination, you'll receive an estimated arrival battery status
  2. This estimation will be continually updated once navigation commences
  3. If your route necessitates a single charging stop, Google Maps will prompt you to select a preferred charging station along the route
  4. For routes requiring multiple charging stops, Google Maps will automatically incorporate charging stations and provide the associated charging durations along the course

Google Maps Keeps You Informed about Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZ)

Google is going the extra mile to guarantee your navigation experience is seamless and secure. The recent Google Maps update will issue notifications when you are about to traverse an Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

ULEZs For those unacquainted with this concept, a ULEZ designates an area where stricter emission standards are enforced, dissuading certain vehicle types from entering. This creates a region with notably reduced air pollution compared to its environs, rendering it advantageous for residents and workers in the vicinity. ULEZs are commonly situated in major urban centres worldwide, primarily in proximity to locales frequented by pedestrians, cyclists, and scooter riders. The overarching goal is to curtail motorised traffic and facilitate safer movement for pedestrians and two-wheel commuters. ULEZs offer the commendable advantage of cleaner air, as they replace vehicle exhaust emissions with healthier air quality – a boon appreciated by both residents and visitors.

You can identify the operational ULEZ areas here.

This update is designed to prevent undue inconveniences stemming from ULEZ regulations and fees, ensuring that you only incur charges when they are genuinely applicable.

How to Enable It:

  1. Enter your intended destination into Google Maps
  2. The ULEZ boundary will be highlighted on the map if your route falls within its jurisdiction
  3. For routes encompassing the ULEZ, a link to the TfL website will be presented, providing information on whether your vehicle will be affected by the ULEZ
  4. If your destination is outside the ULEZ, yet your route traverses it, Google Maps will suggest an alternative path to bypass the ULEZ entirely.

In conclusion, the new Google Maps updates represent a notable enhancement in simplifying and optimising travel. The capacity to receive alerts pertaining to required electric charging stations for your vehicle model, as well as notifications about entering Ultra-Low Emission Zones (ULEZ), caters to individuals seeking specific travel insights.

Moreover, the provision of fuel-efficient routes aligned with your vehicle's fuel type could potentially yield long-term cost savings. In totality, Google Maps is progressively evolving into an even more user-friendly platform, facilitating travellers in reaching their destinations with greater ease.

Download Google Maps to explore all the latest features: