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Have You Seen Dacia's New Identity?

20 July 2021

Have You Seen Dacia's New Identity?

Dacia has embraced its next chapter with the reveal of a new visual identity. Since its launch, the brand has shaken up the car market having broken the rules and pushed the boundaries to become a unique offering for consumers. As part of the brand’s new strategy, Dacia is taking on a more modern and authentic look that stays true to its philosophy, showcasing confidence, underlined by its leadership in delivering high-quality, spacious vehicles that offer the best value.​

Dacia announced its latest strategy in early 2021, signalling the next chapter in its brand story. This begins with the unveiling of the refreshed logo, emblem, and colour scheme. While the ingredients behind its success remain the same, it takes on a new feel that reflects its values: simplicity, authenticity, and robustness, always at a fair price. Denis Le Vot, CEO Dacia and LADA Brands, describes Dacia as: “The brand that constantly redefines what is essential in the automotive industry.” Dacia is a brand that is accessible and attractive, in both design and price, as it provides the most advanced features and technology that are essential for the driver’s comfort and pleasure, at the best value.​

The next step for Dacia's new brand identity is to introduce the new emblem and logo on all the brand's vehicles as early as next year, in the Autumn of 2022. Here at Startin Dacia Worcester, we can't wait for the first vehicle with the new logo to come through our showroom doors!

A New Visual identity

Dacia’s refresh is reflected by a new logotype and emblem, which is a connected ‘D’ and ‘C.’ These two new design elements, markers of a distinctive and assertive brand, were created internally by the Design team with the desire to express the essence of the brand. The logotype, central to the new visual identity, gives the impression of robustness and stability. The shape of the letters is intentionally refined, with the ‘D’ and ‘C’ mirroring each other, which reflect the brand’s simplistic and artful mindset. The geometric lines of the font add a sense of mechanical movement to the string of letters.

The emblem reflects the essence of the logo by bringing together the ‘D’ and ‘C,’ like links of a chain that are paired together in a strong, cohesive bond. The new Dacia emblem is a powerful image and will be easily recognisable, even from afar. Simple and clear, these two new visuals are full of meaning; they reflect the robustness of Dacia vehicles, a quality that continues to serve millions of customers every day.

Dacia Goes Green

The colour scheme, built around khaki-green, evokes the brand’s closeness to nature – a powerful reference to a terrain where Dacia vehicles, like the iconic Duster, come into their own.

Secondary colours will include:

  • Three more earthy colours: dark khaki, terracotta, and sand
  • Two other secondary colours: bright orange and green, for a more ‘tech’ feel

The essence of the brand is also embodied by its new iconography symbolising a need for freedom, to recharge one’s batteries, and get back to basics. These fundamental needs are felt by many and push us to focus on what truly matters, which the design reflects.

The graphic design of the brand has been purposefully stripped-back, as a reminder that this is a brand that focuses on the essentials. Dacia and its design elements are also robust and adaptable. For instance, the arrow-like ‘D’ in the logo carries the eye towards the heart of the design and hints at the feeling of movement created by a future-looking brand.

What Do The Designers Say?

"Dacia is a brand that focuses on the essential, on simplicity and on authenticity. Today, the brand moves into a new era with new ambitions. A perfect opportunity to change its image, to one that clearly reflects and reiterates the DNA and values behind the brand.” says David, Head of Studio Design for Dacia.

Julie, Lead Designer in charge of visual identity at Dacia explains the creative approach: "Our goal, throughout creative research, was to change the brand’s visual language by tapping into its fundamental characteristics: robust, simple design, and a willingness to focus on the essentials.” "We were inspired by objects found in garages and used by mechanics such as gears, chains, and tools. All of them were objects that are often associated with being robust, reliable, and functional” says Julie. The emblem, with simple clean lines, derives from the logo showing the bringing together of the ‘D’ and ‘C’, like perfectly symmetrical links of a chain that are paired together in a strong, cohesive bond. Much like Dacia, the overall graphic design is simple, robust, and flexible.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Dacia's new identity or any vehicles here at Startin Dacia Worcester, your local Dacia dealership in Worcestershire, make sure to contact one of our brand specialists, we’ll be happy to help!

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