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Honda e:Progress Home Charging Solution

15 December 2020

e:Progress - Honda's Brand New Home Charging Solution - Coming Soon

What Is Honda e:Progress?

Honda e:Progress is an energy management system that will offer a smart charger, smart tariff, and a smart charge control system to deliver optimal charging for users.

The smart tariff will be the first flexible energy contract specifically tailored to electric vehicle owners, whilst the service also allows charging at the most cost-effective time relative to grid demand which makes optimum use of the most affordable and clean energy available, enhancing the use of electricity from renewable sources including solar power, wind farms and hydropower.

Not only does this offer a unique set of benefits to electric vehicle owners, e:Progress will subsequently help the national grid by supporting active grid management to effectively stabilise demand and optimise the use of renewables, whist also supporting Honda in meeting its CO2 reduction targets in line with the company’s 2030 vision.

What's Included & How Does It Work?

Honda e:Progress will offer an energy tariff with flexible ‘time of use’ pricing, offering charging with a lower cost at certain times of the day compared to a fixed tariff. Electric vehicle owners simply specify their preferred parameters for minimum state of charge and departure time through a smartphone app, leaving the system to manage charging automatically, allowing for a hassle-free charging solution.

The preferred intelligent charging solution for Honda e:Progress is the Power Charger S+. When connected to a 32 amp circuit, this will charge a Honda e from zero to 100% capacity in just over four hours which is significantly faster than a standard domestic wall socket, meaning electric vehicle owners can use their vehicle effortlessly.

If you want to learn more about Honda e:Progress, don't hesitate to contact us here at Startin Honda Worcester.

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