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Introducing the All-New Škoda Superb - Unveiling its Unique Camouflage at the Tour de France!

24 July 2023

All-New Škoda Superb

Skoda's latest masterpiece, the all-new Superb, has taken the automotive world by storm. The new generation of the Superb is set for its world premiere this autumn, but the final stage of the famous Tour de France cycling race offered another hint at what we can expect. 

The illustrious Tour de France recently reached its thrilling conclusion, with the victorious cyclist accompanied to the finish line by a yet-to-be-revealed Škoda Superb, carefully camouflaged to maintain intrigue. The grand occasion was also marked by the esteemed Škoda Design Team, who had the honour of presenting the champion with a prestigious trophy.

A Bold Presence:

Draped in an eye-catching camouflage, the Superb is a bold presence on the Tour de France route. Its distinctive appearance is unlike any other vehicle on the road, commanding attention at every turn. Skoda's designers have masterfully crafted this camouflage wrap, adding an element of mystique that leaves spectators intrigued. With a new “Let’s Explore” strategy, Škoda wants to foster the spirit of adventure, and the map concept as wrap is a perfect fit with this philosophy.

The Perfect Blend of Innovation and Performance:

Beyond its visually striking exterior, the all-new Superb boasts a perfect blend of innovation and performance. Skoda's engineering prowess shines through as the car takes on the challenging terrain of the Tour de France effortlessly. With its powerful engine and precision handling, the Superb effortlessly navigates the winding roads and mountainous landscapes that define this legendary race.

"All the participants deserve our most sincere congratulations for their remarkable performances. It is always an emotional moment to watch up close with the fans as the riders zip past, and a special thrill for anyone with a heart for Škoda Auto to see more than 200 of our vehicles supporting the teams, staff and first responders as needed on the road. We at Škoda have been loyal supporters of the Tour de France for twenty years now and treasure the strong partnership we have built with the A.S.O. We feel at home at the world’s most famous cycle race – also because our company started 128 years ago by building bicycles. Bringing the camouflaged new Superb Combi to the race, just ahead of its world premiere this autumn, was one way we wanted to mark this special occasion in style."

Klaus Zellmer, Škoda Auto CEO