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Kia to launch nine EVs in the UK in the next five years

15 March 2023

Kia has today built on its strategic commitment to become a leader in sustainable mobility with the roadmap to 2030 at the company’s 2022 CEO Investor Day virtual event. Kia plans 14 pure-electric models by 2027. 

The roadmap builds on Kia’s successful 'Plan S' strategy first announced in 2020 and reveals further details on how the company will achieve its vision to become a Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider. 

Starting in 2023, Kia plans to launch at least two BEVs per year and build a full line-up of 14 BEVs by 2027. Compared to its previous plan to release 11 models by 2026, Kia will add two electric pickup trucks – a dedicated electric pickup truck and a strategic model for emerging markets – and an entry-level BEV model.

Kia has been undergoing a full-scale transformation which has included changes in corporate vision, logo, product and design, and strategy. To achieve the company's vision of becoming a Sustainable Mobility Solutions Provider, we will focus on accelerating the transition to future business models. We will become even more customer-centric in our approach and pursue a dynamic transformation while maintaining sound business operations.

Ho Sung Song, President and CEO of Kia Corporation

Kia has four primary targets for 2030:

  • Targeting 4 million annual vehicle sales globally in 2030
  • To establish a line-up of 14 BEV models by 2027
  • Introduce a rollout of advanced connectivity and autonomous driving 'AutoMode' functionality to all models and become the leading provider of ‘purpose-built’ (ie produced at scale for a specific purpose) vehicles for third-party fleet operators. 
  • Aim on becoming No.1 global PBV brand by 2030.

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