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Meet The All-New Honda Civic Type R

22 July 2022

Type R

Honda has revealed the all-new Civic Type R on the 25th birthday of the performance hatch and the 50 years of the Civic.

The new performance-focused upgrades deliver the ultimate Type R driving experience. 

And the performance is definitely there as the new Type R  has set the new front-wheel drive lap record at Suzuka.

The new Honda Civic Type R will be available in Europe in early 2023.



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Powerful Aerodynamic Design

The Type R build on the sleek and sporty silhouette of the recently revealed Honda Civic e:HEV. The Type R has a much sportier look given by its lower and wider stance which elevates driving performance. The squat form is enhanced through wheel arches that flare out
over lightweight 19-inch matte black alloy wheels, shod with bespoke Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres.

The exterior design is not unified and uncluttered as can be seen in the front and rear bumpers as well as beautifully integrated features such as the rear doors and arches which have been tailor-made for the Type R and add aerodynamic benefits.

The bold lower grille of the front bumper maximises airflow performance to the engine and works in line with the new subtle bonnet vent which increases the airflow to the engine.

Other design details that help with the aerodynamic performance are the large aperture vents behind the front wheels and a new, larger rear diffuser that is constructed directly into the floor.

The dramatic new rear spoiler design further adds to the downforce generation and has been angled to reduce air resistance. It is mounted on die-cast aluminium mounts. The rear wing is lower but wider which enhances the new roofline and wider stance. 

Paint options include the historic Championship White revered by Honda Type R enthusiasts, additionally, you will have the option of solid Rallye Red, as well as Racing Blue, Crystal Black and Sonic Grey Pearls.

Immersive cockpit experience

The new Type R's interior is designed to enhance your driving experience and performance. It poses the same high level of comfort as the regular Civic e:HEV but is elevated to make the driver performance focused with its classic Type R red trim.

The cockpit immerses the driver in the intense driving experiences. The driver sits lower than before but with greater visibility than before over the lower bonnet, decreased blind spots and a reduction in reflective elements. The lightweight sports seats with suede-effect upholstery offer exceptional support for the track days and long drives in a Type R.

Drivers can seamlessly switch between six pre-set performance settings, selecting different modes for the engine,
steering, suspension and engine acoustics. In addition to Comfort, Sport and +R Mode, a new ‘Individual Model’ mode
has been introduced to enable customisation of the driving experience.

Honda's powerful LogR data logger returns heavily updated for the next generation of Type R, now you can see all the performance metrics at your fingertips in our smartphone app. The data is invaluable for those that love to chase every second of their performance during track days pushing themselves and the car to the limits.

Performance-focused engineering enhancements

The renowned Type R engine is known for its power, responsiveness and high revving capabilities. The new iteration builds on the award-winning basis of its predecessor by evolving the 17YM to the fastest, most addictive yet secure and rewarding drive in the models' history.

The newly revised turbocharger now features a compact housing to improve overall unit efficiency. The turbine itself has its blade count and shape optimized to boost power and improve airflow through the turbo. This has created the strongest VTEC turbocharged engine in all the Type Rs.

The new revised highly efficient exhaust system works with the above to improve the power-to-weight ratio, torque and top speed, making the 2023 Civic Type R one of the most powerful per litre cars in its class.

The new Type R helps the driver feel more connected to their car by an optimised version of the six-speed manual transmission that helped the last generation enamour fans around the world. The new rev-match system with auto blip ensures perfectly paired rev-matching when shifting between gears, helping the balance of the car on corner entry. The high-strength gearbox has gained a high rigidity lever and optimized shift gate pattern for a more secure and hyper-precise gear change. 

The upgraded Brembo braking system retains the two-piece discs from the previous generation for improved feel and longevity. The new car features enhanced temperature control and air-cooling by its upgraded radiator. This ensures sustained and optimal performance during even heavy use. A new triple exhaust system with enhanced sound modulating enhances the aural sensation, further boosting the driver's connection to the car.

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