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Renault - Rethink

12 February 2024

As the new year unfolds, so does a thrilling chapter for Renault, a chapter powered by innovation, connected by technology, and fueled by a passionate commitment to sustainability. Here at Startin Renault, we're excited to introduce Renault. Rethink.

More than just a tagline, Renault. Rethink is a celebration of our brand's core pillars:

  • E-Tech technology
  • Seamless Connectivity
  • Unwavering Sustainability
  • Human First Safety

At Renault, we've always been different it's a part of our DNA. From the Renault 5 sparking a British French revolution to the Clio capturing hearts, and who could forget Mégane shaking up the automotive scene with its "Va Va Voom," the legacy speaks volumes. 

Electric driving revolution - are you in?

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Renault has crafted the E-Tech series to cater to your electrified needs. Bid farewell to frequent trips to the petrol station with our E-Tech 100% electric range.

Instead, charge conveniently at home or on the go, and enjoy emission-free travel.

Our E-Tech hybrid range, featuring full hybrids or plug-ins, seamlessly blends petrol engines with electric motors, resulting in fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions.

What if tech could take care of us?

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Vehicles communicating with firefighters to aid in rescue missions, AI driving coaches enhancing safety on the road — it's not just a vision of the future, it's a reality today.

This achievement is attributed to our "human-first program," where the safety of every road user takes precedence. Through ingenious innovations, we strive to minimize accidents and protect everyone on the road, whether you're a pedestrian, child, cyclist, or driver.

Can you rethink the way you drive?

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Gain a seamless connection with your vehicle through our advanced connected services, enhancing communication, comfort, and safety while you're on the road. With OpenR integration and Google functionality, access all your apps effortlessly. Utilise voice commands to personalise your environment and strategise routes with charging stations in mind. Plus, with the My Renault app, preheat your car before stepping in. Experience a transformation from merely a car to a sophisticated mobile device.

Our vehicles and our brand have evolved so far, in such a short space of time, that we are asking car buyers to rethink how they perceive us and how our latest cars can fit into their future-facing lives. We live in a rapidly evolving world, and Renault’s transformation in recent years means it is perfectly placed to meet the changing needs of modern motorists.

Guillaume Sicard, Country Head UK & Managing Director Renault Brand UK