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Slithering into Startin Honda: Reptiles and Cars Unite with Axolotl and Reptile Rescue

15 August 2023

At Startin Honda we were excited to spend an afternoon with Axolotl Reptile Centre. We decided to make the most of this unique opportunity and showcase the practicality of the brand new ZR-V in a way that would leave a lasting impression. The large boot space of the ZR-V provided the perfect setting for the snakes to roam freely, highlighting the car's versatility and the ample room it offered for adventures of all kinds. It is an innovative way to captivate our customers' attention and demonstrate the potential of the ZR-V, leaving them in awe of its spaciousness. 

The atmosphere was electric as our team members gathered around, amazed by the unique visitors before them. We couldn't help but notice the positive energy radiating from our team members, and it reflected in their interactions with customers. The enthusiasm in talking about the brand new ZR-V was contagious, and customers were drawn to the excitement surrounding our showroom.

By supporting the Axolotl & Reptile Rescue And Advice, we not only had the chance to enjoy the presence of these extraordinary animals, but to also support the important work they do in rehabilitating and caring for reptiles in need. Our collaboration with the Axolotl Reptile Centre exemplifies our commitment to the community and our dedication to making a positive impact beyond just selling cars.

As we reflect on this unique adventure, we eagerly look forward to future community events that will bring us closer to our customers and the local community. Startin Group hope to host a community “Animal Encounter” event to create an unforgettable experiences and showcase the brilliant work Gareth and his team do on on a daily basis. 

At Startin Honda, we not only embrace the road ahead, but we also embrace adventure in all its forms. The visit from the Axolotl Reptile Centre was a reminder that unexpected encounters can lead to incredible memories and leave a lasting impression on all involved.

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