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St Peters Site Invests In Major Development

21 July 2023

Our St Peters Worcester Site is undergoing a remarkable transformation with significant investment. The extensive refurbishment has increased our capacity by 40% resulting in reduced lead times, lower booking/waiting times and therefore enabling a more efficient and enjoyable customer experience.

One of the key highlights of our refurbishment is the substantial extension to the service department. This expansion will not only increase the overall capacity of the facility but will also allow for the addition of an LCV ramp specially designed to cater to longer vehicles. This new  equipment ensures that most types of vehicles can now be conveniently serviced at our St Peters Site.

Another notable enhancement to the service site is the addition of a class 7 MOT ramp. This ramp has been specially designed to accommodate vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. With this new installation, we can provide comprehensive MOT services for a wider range of vehicles. Additionally, a new MOT bay and two additional scissor lifts have been installed, further increasing the efficiency of the service department.

We, Startin Group are also making improvements to the infrastructure of the site. The car park has been extended to free up more spaces, providing customers with a hassle-free parking experience. To further enhance ease of access, any necessary repairs have been made to the tarmac, ensuring a smooth and seamless arrival and departure from the facility.

Importantly, despite the extensive changes and investments, we assure you that there will be no financial impact. All prices will remain the same, ensuring that clients can continue to benefit from the services without any increase in costs.

The refurbishment at Startin Group St Peters Site signals our company's commitment to continually improving our services and facilities. With the extension to the service department, the addition of an LCV ramp, an improved car park, and the inclusion of a class 7 MOT ramp and extra lifts we will be well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of our customers, this reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction and our ongoing efforts to deliver high-quality automotive services. With these improvements, our St Peters Service Site is ready to serve our community better than ever before.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon!