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Startin Groups World Earth Day

22 April 2024

Startin Group have been learning and taking steps to consciously reduce our carbon footprint, we are actively studying our business and how we can take the steps required to a greener future. 

Now more than ever, the automotive industry is a landscape of articles on the negative impact to the environment that cars can do, Startin Group have been taking the necessary steps to change this narrative. We distribute vehicles from the worlds leading electric and hybrid manufacturers, meaning we are dedicated to providing a more sustainable option to the drivers of today. 

Our dealerships have taken drastic steps internally to reduce our personal impact also, we have transferred many of our data storage and paperwork to digital forms to reduce our paper consumption as well as having dedicated and responsible recycling bins throughout our building ensuring that our waste is managed in the best way possible. We have even starting opting for magnetic decals on our cars for offers and deals opposed to the single use vinyl wraps! We are taking all the steps we can for a more sustainable practice. 

Even visiting one of our dealerships we have your peace of mind at the top of our list, when visiting our dealerships you will be greeted and offered a drink, not a paper water cup or a hot drinks cardboard cup, but a real mug and saucer, and a real glass of water reducing our single use waste and making you right at home. 

We are excited for the future and the steps we can take next! Join your local Startin Group for our brand experts to guide you in our sustainable vehicle options. Thank you and Best wishes from the Startin Group Team!

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