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Startin Guide: Wheel Wear and what it means!

05 April 2024

Startin Group are here to help with your wheels! Winter is retreating in way of spring and summer, which means more days out and motorway journeys! Your wheels are one of the things you need to care for most, the wear on your tires can indicate more than road conditions but your vehicles internal health too! 

Ensuring your vehicle’s wheels are in prime condition isn’t just a matter of maintenance; it’s a crucial aspect of road safety.

Regularly checking your tyres is essential, as they are the only point of contact between your car and the road. Well-maintained tyres significantly contribute to your vehicle's handling, braking efficiency, and overall safety. Ignoring tyre checks can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, poor performance, and, most importantly, increased risk of accidents due to tyre failure. Simple practices like inspecting tyre pressure, looking for visible damage, and checking tread depth can make all the difference in ensuring a safe and smooth driving experience. Remember, your safety on the road begins with the condition of your tyres.

Toe wear is a significant amount of wear on one side of the tyre, internal or external edge, this can be an indication of an alignment issue of your tyre

Camber wear is a pattern of wear that is a pronounced area of one half of the tyre wearing compared to the other. 

Centre wear is a clear amount of wear or balding along the centre of your tyre. This can be an indication of over inflation. Be sure to check your cars recommended PSI and regularly check your tyre pressure.

Cupping wear is a form of wear that presents sporadically as repeated stripes on the tyre. This can be indication of either an alignment issue or a Front-end issue of shocks, struts or other hardware. 

This is a form of ware that presents as both edges of the tyre wearing away. This is an indication of under inflation. Please ensure you check your Recommended PSI and maintain your tyre pressure regularly. 

Patch wear is a noticeable form of wear where there are patches and random areas of balding across the tyre. This is an indicator of an alignment issue or more seriously a front end issue with shocks, struts or additional hardware.

At Startin Group, your safety is our priority. We love to provide you with key information about maintaining your vehicle and what to keep an eye out for. Our Starting Guides are a great way to stay on top of you car seasonally. 

If you need your car to be booked in for a service or MOT, or you just need a second opinion we are here to help! 

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