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Rated the best Kia dealership in the UK

12 May 2023

Rated the best Kia dealership in the UK achieving 1st place on the balance scorecard for the first quarter.

Startin Group's Kia dealership has achieved a remarkable feat by being rated the best in the UK. The dealership has achieved 1st place on the balance scorecard, which is a comprehensive assessment of a dealership's performance across a range of areas for the first quarter of 2023.

This is a significant achievement for Startin Group, which has worked hard to build a reputation for excellence in the automotive industry. The dealership's commitment to providing outstanding customer service, quality vehicles, and expert advice has clearly paid off, as reflected in this prestigious rating.

The balance scorecard is a rigorous assessment process that evaluates a dealership's performance in areas such as customer satisfaction, vehicle quality, sales performance, and employee satisfaction. Achieving 1st place on the balance scorecard is a testament to the hard work and dedication of Startin Group's team.

Being rated as the best dealership in the UK is a huge achievement, and one that Startin Group should be extremely proud of. It reflects the company's commitment to providing the highest standards of service to its customers, and its focus on continuous improvement and innovation.

This achievement is also a testament to the quality of Kia vehicles, which have gained a reputation for reliability, performance, and style. Startin Group's success in selling and servicing Kia vehicles is a testament to the brand's quality and the dealership's expertise. 


Overall, Startin Group's achievement in being rated the best Kia dealership in the UK is a remarkable accomplishment and a testament to the company's commitment to excellence in every aspect of its business. Congratulations to the Startin Group team for this outstanding achievement.