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Startin Suzuki Free Tyre Safety Check in October

13 October 2023

Go on, give yourself peace of mind and pop into your local Startin Suzuki dealer today for your FREE Tyre Check and more tyre awareness tips.

With OCTOBER being TYRE SAFETY MONTH, we wanted to let you know that you can book a FREE tyre check at where our technicians will check the tread depth, examine the side walls for damage and check your tyre pressure and ensure they are safe.

If your tyres are deemed to be illegal or unsafe we can replace them for you on the spot at very competitive prices.


Tyres are hugely important for your car’s safety, as they help provide the car with traction, with the tread ensuring that water is expelled to prevent the car from hydroplaning.

Driving with damaged or worn tyres is therefore dangerous and can endanger the lives of you and the occupants of your car, as well as other road users. For this reason, there are a number of strict laws around tyre safety.

Tread Depth What This Means What You Should Do
4mm Your tyre is 62% worn Inspect it monthly
3mm Your tyre is 78% worn We recommend changing it now
1.6mm Your tyre is 100% worn This is the legal minimum so should be replaced immediately

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