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Support a Graduate Film Project

22 November 2022

Here at Startin Group we love to support our team and their families.. please show some support for Jamie Winslow who has explained why you should support their film project below:

Gran’s Ghost is a black comedy about narcissistic baker Gran who is threatened by the idea of her cupcakes burning in Hell for all eternity… unless she can make amends with her living granddaughter Charlotte. The film follows Gran as she crashes her own funeral and all hell breaks loose!

Our main goal with the film is to entertain. By examining both the hilarity and sobriety of funerals, we want to stress how important it is to laugh as well as cry, now more than ever.

If you're interested (and you could do with a good laugh!) take a look at our Crowdfunder. Any donations, shares or support would mean the world!

Support a Graduation Film Project

Make a dream come true for these young aspiring filmmakers!