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The 2024 Škoda Enyaq vRS: A Leap in Electric Performance

29 September 2023

More power, more range, more equipment for 2024 Enyaq vRS

In the rapidly evolving world of electric vehicles, the 2024 Škoda Enyaq vRS stands out as a game-changer. Launched just last year, it has already established itself as one of the most complete performance electric cars in its sector and we, at Startin Škoda, are excited to be able to experience it. 

This remarkable vehicle combines sporting agility, an impressive range, and Škoda's renowned practicality. However, it's the extensive set of enhancements introduced in the 2024 model year update that truly sets the Enyaq vRS apart. In this article, we delve into the details of this remarkable car, highlighting the features and improvements that make it a standout choice for the discerning driver.

Lightning Acceleration

The headline-grabbing feature of the 2024 Enyaq vRS is its remarkable acceleration. Thanks to a 41PS power boost, this electric marvel becomes the fastest accelerating Škoda ever. The numbers speak for themselves - the Enyaq vRS can now catapult from 0-62mph in an astounding 5.5 seconds. This is a full second quicker than its predecessor, underlining the commitment to performance in this updated model.

Range Enhancement

The challenge with electric cars has always been balancing performance with range, but the Enyaq vRS takes this challenge head-on. Despite the significant increase in power and performance, the improvements do not come at the expense of range.

Thanks to a recalibration of the motors and the introduction of new power management software, the 2024 Enyaq boasts a provisional WLTP range of 340 miles for the coupé (336 miles for the SUV).

This marks a significant increase, with the coupe offering a 16-mile range improvement and the SUV a 15-mile increase. The battery capacity remains unchanged at 77kWh usable, which is a testament to the vehicle's intelligent engineering.


Unprecedented Power Output

When it comes to electric vehicles, power output is a crucial factor that influences both performance and driver satisfaction.

The 2024 Enyaq vRS raises the bar with a combined output of 340PS from its dual motors, making it the highest output figure ever for a production Škoda model. This power surge ensures an exhilarating driving experience that leaves no room for compromise.

Rapid Charging Revolution

In the age of electric vehicles, charging speed is critical for practicality. The 2024 Enyaq vRS doesn't disappoint in this aspect either. Owners will be able to charge their vehicles faster, thanks to an increase in DC rapid charging speeds from 135kW to 175kW.

This higher peak speed means that recharging your Enyaq vRS will be a swift and convenient process. A 10-80% charge on a 175kW or faster DC rapid charger will take approximately 28 minutes, which is an impressive improvement of 8 minutes compared to the previous model.


The 2024 Škoda Enyaq vRS is a remarkable achievement in the world of electric vehicles. With its lightning-fast acceleration, unprecedented power output, extended range, and rapid charging capabilities, it's poised to lead the way in the electric car sector.

Whether you're a performance enthusiast, an eco-conscious driver, or someone who values practicality in their vehicle, the Enyaq vRS offers the complete package. With its extensive enhancements and cutting-edge technology, it represents the future of electric mobility.

So, if you're looking for a thrilling and sustainable driving experience, the 2024 Enyaq vRS is the choice that combines the best of both worlds. Drive the future today!  

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