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Washing Your Car this Bank Holiday? A Startin Guide.

29 April 2023

With the bank holiday weekend approaching, many people will be taking advantage of the extra day off to give their cars a much-needed wash.

Here is a guide from Startin Group to help you wash your car effectively and efficiently.

Gather your supplies - you will need the following for a complete clean:

  • a bucket (or two!)
  • a hose
  • pressure washer (if you have access to one if not don't worry!)
  • specialised car shampoo
  • a wash mitt or sponge
  • microfibres
  • drying towel
  • car polish

1. Wheels. Always start a wash by starting with the dirtiest part first. Ensuring your wheels are cool to the touch. Treat each wheel individually, by liberally applying an 'Iron' removing wheel cleaner to the face and barrel, this lifts the heavy iron deposits making the cleaning a smoother process. After a few minutes of the product 'reacting' (some products turn a different colour to indicate this) simply rinse off. You can then go in with a wheel brush and wheel cleaner/or a soap solution to further agitate the solutions. Rinsing and repeating on all 4 corners.

2. 'Pre-wash' you can purchase these products which you can use before rinsing the car which help loosen and lift dirt from the surface, allowing the rinse down to be a lot more effective. Once liberally applied to the whole body of the car (mainly the dirtiest part i.e. lower section) rinse off with your hose or pressure washer.

3. The Wash. Personally, we like to approach this with a two-bucket method (1 can be used if desired). Fill the bucket/s with water and add the specified amount of car shampoo to one of the buckets (giving a quick whisk so it bubbles up). Grab your wash mitt/sponge and get stuck in, starting from the roof working your way down, concentrating on small areas at a time.

When going back for more shampoo solution, rinse the wash mitt off in the bucket that contains plain water to ensure not to contaminate the shampoo mix (it also stops you from rubbing old dirt back into the paintwork!).

3. Final rinse: Rinse the car with a hose or pressure washer to remove the soap. Ensuring that all gaps, grills, wheels and barrels are soap-free before moving on and drying the car.

4. Dry the car: Use a soft, absorbent towel to dry the car, starting at the top and working your way down. Leaving a car to dry naturally can result in a streaky finish or watermarks so make sure to dry sections properly using a microfibre cloth or towel.

5. Polishing or if desired waxing, an optional step or any car clean is to further protect the paintwork for the future. Polishing your car after a wash will leave your paintwork smooth and silky, giving it more protection from harsh weather. Applying a coat of wax, after you've polished just acts as a protective seal on the car's paint and gives it an overall more shiny finish, also protecting the car for a longer period (meaning fewer washes in the future!).

By following these simple steps, you can have your car looking clean and shiny in no time. 


YES! But there are always some risks, especially on older cars. 

A pressure washer makes for an easier clean in most cases, the force of the water helps push off the dirt and mud with very minimal effort on your behalf.

However, be mindful when holding a pressure washer too close to the surface as it can cause paint defects.

In order to avoid paint or even deeper metal damage from the likes of road salt, it is recommended that you wash it at least once every couple of weeks!

It seems like a lot, but it helps protect your car. If you polish and wax your car at the end of a clean, it normally helps keep your car cleaner for longer. Meaning less frequent washes.

You may think that a hot sunny afternoon would be the best time to get started on a car clean, however, this isn't the case.

Direct sunlight, or too much heat, can dry the soap before you've had the opportunity to rinse the car down. This can lead to water spotting and a streaky finish. During a hot spell, it's highly recommended to either wash your car early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid this (and save you from doing the same job twice!).

We would suggest after fully cleaning your car, ensuring it's dry to then apply a Metal Polish to the exhaust pipe/s this will help to remove the carbon deposits getting it back to a stainless steel, polished, look again. 

No, swirl marks on paintwork are actually quite common. These blemishes shouldn't be a permanent feature anywhere on your car. Most light swirl marks can be removed by using a simple cutting compound polish and a machine polisher! (If unsure, bring it over to us at Startin Group and our team can help advise further!)

Happy washing! from all of us at Startin Group.