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Why A Plug In Hybrid? - Proof With The Renault Captur

18 June 2021

Why A Plug-In Hybrid


Here at Startin Renault Worcester, we are huge fans of Renault's E-Tech plug-in technology in the all-new Renault Captur. Not only does it provide substantial performance and smooth efficiency, it takes advantage of its internal combustion engine and battery to show versatility and adapt to all types of use. In the end, its "real" average consumption can be much lower than an equivalent model with a gasoline or even diesel engine which makes it a fantastic engine for daily use in all scenarios, whether in town or on a long trip.

100% Electric On Weekdays

Thanks to its 9.8 kWh high-capacity battery, Captur E-tech Plug-in Hybrid has an electric range of 50 km on the road and 65 km in the city, according to the WLTP standard. In other words, it's an electric vehicle for everyday use! It can cover most of the everyday journeys, such as home-to-work connections and short trips during the week, without requiring a drop of fuel.

To do this, do not forget to recharge the batteries as soon as possible in order to always have this electric autonomy so precious on a daily basis. This easy gesture – complete recharging only takes between 3 and 5 hours and can be done from a domestic socket at home or at the workplace, such as on a public terminal – makes it possible to go from one day to the next without using the thermal engine.

Limited Consumption During Long Journeys

E-Tech technology is ideal for longer journeys that exceed the battery's range of use, such as weekend trips. It allows the Captur E-Tech Hybrid Plug-in to continue to operate as a "simple" hybrid model and limits the fuel consumption of the combustion engine in several ways. Firstly, an automatic battery margin is automatically maintained to ensure that the engine always starts and restarts - very consuming driving phases - in electric mode. Electric motors also relieve the combustion engine during acceleration phases.

They also help it to operate close to its optimum efficiency and therefore not to create more energy than is needed to move the vehicle forward. The overall efficiency of the E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid engine is optimized thanks to the multi-mode gearbox with jaws and the science of energy recovery and regeneration from F1.

Finally, the batteries of the E-Tech Plug-in Hybrid system only weigh 105 kilos. They are not synonymous with additional consumption due to excessive overweight compared to a traditional thermal engine Captur.

Limited Average Consumption

Thanks to all these assets, Captur E-tech Plug-in Hybrid has great fuel consumption. In its case, it is the result of a homologation cycle that mixes about 70% pure electric driving, which is fairly representative of urban and peri-urban cycles, and about 30% driving in "normal" hybrid mode, which is fairly representative of driving on the road. A cycle that tends to approach the ideal use of a plug-in hybrid vehicle: 100% electric during the week and electric/hybrid at weekends.

Of course, this normalised consumption cannot be consistent with the actual use that everyone makes. The average consumption of a Captur E-tech Plug-in Hybrid "in real life" will depend on its usage rate in 100% electric but also on "external" factors such as the topography of the routes made, and the driving rhythm adopted. However, for the majority of drivers, the benefits are there to see!

If you are interested in finding out more information about Renault E-Tech technology or any other vehicles here at Startin Renault Worcester, your local Renault dealership in Worcestershire, make sure to contact one of our brand specialists, we’ll be happy to help!

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