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Why Is There a Long Waiting Period for New Cars in the UK?

13 May 2023

Waiting for a New Car?

We at Startin Group understand that waiting for your New Car to arrive can be frustrating. As the demand for new cars in the UK increased in recent years, with many consumers opting for newer and more efficient vehicles.

However, with the increasing demand, the waiting time for a new car has also increased, with some consumers waiting months to receive their new vehicle. This blog post will explore the reasons for the long waiting period on new cars and provide some solutions to reduce the waiting time.

Reasons for the long waiting period on new cars

The automotive supply chain is a complex network that involves many different stages, from raw materials to finished products. Supply chain disruptions can occur at any point in this process, causing delays in production and delivery. Factors that can affect the supply chain include:

  • Shortage of raw materials
  • Production shutdowns
  • Shipping delays
  • Port congestion

COVID-19 Impact on Car Manufacturing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions to the car manufacturing industry in the UK. During the pandemic, car manufacturers had to shut down their factories to comply with lockdown regulations, leading to a backlog of orders. Even after the factories reopened, production was slowed down due to social distancing measures and other safety protocols.

High Demand and Low Supply.

The pandemic has also caused a surge in demand for new cars, as people avoid public transport and turn to personal vehicles for commuting. This increase in demand, coupled with the supply chain disruptions and production slowdowns, has led to a shortage of new cars in the market, causing waiting times to skyrocket.

How to reduce the waiting time for a new car

To reduce the waiting time for a new car, consider the following:

  • Order early: Place your order for a new car as early as possible to avoid waiting for months.

  • Be flexible with customization: If you can compromise on some customization options, you may be able to receive your new car sooner.

  • Choose less popular models: Opt for less popular car models to reduce the waiting time.

  • Consider a used car: If you need a car sooner, consider purchasing a used car instead.

Long waiting periods for new cars are a frustrating experience for car buyers in the UK. However, by understanding the supply chain, the impact of COVID-19 on car manufacturing, and the reasons behind the high demand and low supply, you can make informed decisions and take steps to shorten your waiting time.


Even if you can't test drive the car, you can still talk to us about it and we will be able to answer any questions about the car's performance, features, and driving experience.

You can also ask for a brochure or a detailed specification sheet to learn more about the car or take a similar one out for a test drive to get an overall basic feel for the vehicle. 

This is the time it takes from when you order a car at a dealership to it being ready for you to drive away from the showroom. When you spec a car to your individual tastes - your specific colour and fitted with all the options and option packs you want - that car will be made to order in a factory possibly on the other side of the world.

Given the various factors affecting the new car market at this time, it’s possible that your expected delivery date might change more than once. Dealers are reliant on updates from the manufacturer and in some cases build dates and delivery timeframes may need to change for reasons out of the dealer’s control.

The term factory order refers to a new car that's been built according to a customer's requirements. You'll tell Us exactly what engine, trim, colour and any extras you want and the manufacturer will build a new car to your exact specification.

Waiting times vary from brand to brand. Some it maybe a couple of months others maybe slightly longer. It's always best to have a quick chat with us to discuss this if it's a matter of urgently needing your New Car. 

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