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Why Our Smart Repair Centre Is Better Value Than A Bodyshop

04 May 2022

Why Our Smart Repair Centre Is Better Value Than A Bodyshop

We've all done it. Whether thats a little prang when going around a multi-story car park, a shopping trolley leaving a dent when rolling into the passenger door, or simply kerbing an alloy wheel when doing a manoeuvre in a tight street. It's the unfortunate reality that most of us collect unwanted damage on our vehicle that's often no fault of our own! As we like taking pride in our vehicles, our first port of call is to search up our local automobile bodyshop to carry out a repair. However, did you know that there was a quicker, more efficient way of getting your vehicle back to tip-top condition? That's where our Smart Repair Centre comes in!

In the last ten years or so the SMART repair industry has been rapidly expanding. SMART stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technique, which reduces the need to visit a traditional bodyshop for light repairs. Our Smart Repair Centre located in Worcester can be used for a range of problems including small dents, bumper scuffs, scratches, prangs, windscreen chip repair and kerbed alloy wheels.

The primary benefit of using our Smart Repair Centre is the cost to repair damage. As only a small area of your vehicle needs to be restored to factory condition, it is much cheaper than going to a bodyshop where a whole panel may need to be worked on. There’s no need to pay for a whole body panel/s to be painted because of a dent in your door or a scratched bumper is there? But don't be put off by the lower cost! Rest assured your vehicle is in the most capable hands as all work is conducted by fully-trained brand specialist technicians who use genuine parts and approved materials that produce the best finish on your vehicle. Any repairs conducted on your vehicle at our approved Smart Repair Centre are backed up by a repair authenticity guarantee, so you will have peace of mind that work done on your vehicle has been completed to the highest standard.

Another major benefit of using our Smart Repair Centre is convenience. As repairs are almost always completed on the same day you bring your vehicle to us, it allows you to wait in comfort whilst we carry out the necessary work without worrying about your transport needs.

Our Smart Repair Centre could also be very useful if you're considering selling your vehicle. You might be able to live with a scuff or two but it can severely deter from the vehicle's resale value. If a potential buyer sees dents or chips when examing it, ithey may be put off and go elsewhere.

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 Service  Price
Alloy Wheel Repair - Repairs to alloys that require flattening, painting and re-lacquering From £60 Per Alloy
Polished Alloy Wheel Refurb - Refurbish polished alloy wheels using our specialist refurbishment machine From £100 Per Alloy
Wing Mirror Repaint - Repairs to scuffed mirrors requiring flatting, filling and repainting From £45
Single Panel Repair - Repairs to damaged panels by flatting, filling and repainting From £150
Complete Machine Polish - Machine polish out light scratches on the whole of the car From £120
Bumper Corner Repair - Repairs to bumper corners by flatting, filling and repainting From £100
Light Scratches - Flatting and polishing out light scratches From £25
Dent Repair - Small to medium sized dents removed From £65 Per Panel
Windscreen Repair - Repair to chips, starbursts and bulls eyes From £55

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