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Charging Your Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

Charging your EV/Hybrid

Charging points populate the UK from tip to toe and more and more are being added all the time. There are actually more charging stations than filling stations in the UK! You can even get a wall box fitted at home, some manufactures will install this free of charge with your vehicle, there are also government grants to help subsidise the set up fees. All Electric/Hybrid vehicles use regenerative braking to partly charge the battery.

Hybrid (HEV) vehicles do not need to be plugged in at all as their battery is charged through regenerative braking or by the engine alone.

Your Charging Options

Wall Outlet

Plug-in Hybrids and All-Electric vehicles can be charged on a 230V outlet. This takes longer than when using a wallbox.


A Wallbox is always the best option. It charges faster and without interruption. You can also use a standard wall socket, however it is less efficient and charges a lot slower! See if you are eligible for the OLEV EVHS grant, this could reduce the cost of your home charger by £500*.

Public Charging Stations

Public Charging Stations

Public Charging stations can enable fast charging where you can get an 80% charge in just 30 minutes! These are mainly found at filling stations, service stations and car parks.

Check out the Charging Points Near You and Charges.

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