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Government Grants For Your Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

Government Grants & Incentives

 Here are the different types of grants and incentives available to UK Electric car owners. Find out about the different government grants offered to electric car owners in the UK  - going electric can save you money!

Vehicle Grant

The Government is offering a selection of grants making it more affordable for you to own an electric vehicle. These grants not only support the cost of purchase, but can also help you save money when choosing to install a charging station at your home or place of work. Find Out More 

Home Charging Grant

The Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) offers grants that put money towards the cost of installing a charger at your home. Find Out More 

Workplace Charging Grant

If you want to encourage your employees to make the switch to electric, the Government will support £350 of the installation cost for every charge point you install (maximum of 40 chargepoints). What’s more, electric drivers won’t incur any Benefit in Kind charges for electricity used at work. Find Out More 

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