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Servicing Your Electric or Hybrid Vehicle

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Servicing your EV/Hybrid

Car maintenance for electric vehicles is far simpler than that of a regular vehicle. They have fewer moving parts and therefore less to worry about. This makes electric car servicing and maintenance much easier and more cost effective. Plug in-Hybrid Vehicles can also be cheaper to maintain because the petrol or diesel engine is used far less than usual, resulting in less wear and tear and fewer repairs. This is a bonus for any driver and provides and even bigger benefit for high mileage fleet car and van owners.

Fewer Parts

A regular car can contain hundreds of working parts which means there’s lots that can go wrong and parts that need replacing over time.

An electric car in comparison has a lot less to wear out, so maintenance costs can be as much as 70% less.

Regenerative Braking

All electric cars have some form of regenerative braking; this uses the electric motor to slow the vehicle putting some electricity back into the battery.

Braking becomes more efficient - less wear and tear and less brake dust – great for the air we breathe. Brake disks and pads will still need maintaining but less often, saving you money.

Cost Effective

Research by automotive data experts, ‘cap hpi’ showed that service and maintenance costs for an electric car are on average 23% less

This will depend on the model that you drive and how you drive it. One similarity between the a regular car and an electric one is tyre wear. Tyres will need to be changed regularly.

Whats different about an Electric Service?

Charging Cable

We inspect the condition of your cable and check to see it is working properly


We check the charge level and recharge if necessary


We inspect for damage, correct routing and securing of lines

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