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Smart Repair and Paint Repair Centre

Our Approved Smart Repair and Paint Repair Centre Is Better Value Than A Bodyshop

Smart Repair and Paint Repair Centre Pricing

 Service  Price
Alloy Wheel Repair - Repairs to alloys that require flattening, painting and re-lacquering From £60 Per Alloy
Polished Alloy Wheel Refurb - Refurbish polished alloy wheels using our specialist refurbishment machine From £100 Per Alloy
Wing Mirror Repaint - Repairs to scuffed mirrors requiring flatting, filling and repainting From £45
Single Panel Repair - Repairs to damaged panels by flatting, filling and repainting From £150
Complete Machine Polish - Machine polish out light scratches on the whole of the car From £120
Bumper Corner Repair - Repairs to bumper corners by flatting, filling and repainting From £100
Light Scratches - Flatting and polishing out light scratches From £25
Dent Repair - Small to medium sized dents removed From £65 Per Panel
Windscreen Repair - Repair to chips, starbursts and bulls eyes From £55

Our Services

Minor Scuffs & Scratches

No matter if it's a small stone chip, a scratch, or a prang, our fully-trained brand specialist technicians are experts in minor repairs using the latest methods, state-of-the-art machinery and technology so your vehicle can be returned what it looked like in the showroom, whilst our technicians will ensure each vehicle's structual integrity is remained.

Paint Mixing & Spraybooth

To ensure results are of a high standard, all work will be carried out in spacious, brighly lit bays and regularly filtered air as this provides an expansive working environment and ensures the application of paint can be administered evenly and proportionately whilst providing an efficient use of space for all repairs to take place.

Windscreen Chip & Repair

It's easy to damage your winscreen, often as a result of a stone making its way onto the windscreen causing a chip, and our professionals are able to repair your winscreen at a time to suit you! It's essential you get your damaged windscreen checked out as soon as possible as chip could turn into a crack at any time, therefore causing a safety risk.

Courtesy Car

We understand that whilst we are working on your car, your life without it can be heavily comprimised. Even though we aim to reduce repair cycle times, we offer courtesy cars for those who require a vehicle to ensure you can continue with your day with minimal disruption. If you do need a courtesy car, please contact a member of the team to check for their availability.

Complimentary Wash 'n' Vac

After we have completed the necessary work on your vehicle, we will give it a complimentary wash 'n' vac to ensure it is squeaky clean and is ready for you to take it away! We will also sanitise all key touch points within the vehicle such as door handles, sterering wheels, gear shifters etc in accordance with the UK Government guidleines in relation to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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Startin Group Worcestershire Approved Smart Repair Centre

All of us here at Startin Group Worcestershire understand how important it is to keep your vehicle in pristine condition, however, it's the unfortunate reality that we sometimes get dings, dents and scrapes on our vehicles that are often not out fault! With our state-of-the-art approved Smart Repair Centre located in our Skoda dealership in Worcester, we are in the ideal location to provide you with a professional repair service in-house from a myriad of brands. It's the perfect place to return your vehicle to showroom condition.

We pride ourselves on providing the best service for our customers, and we want to ensure you are fully satisfied with our efforts when you come and use our approved Smart Repair Centre. Rest assured your vehicle is in the most capable hands as all work is conducted by fully-trained brand specialist technicians who use genuine parts and approved materials that produce the best finish on your vehicle. Any repairs conducted on your vehicle at our approved Smart Repair Centre are backed up by a repair authenticity guarantee, so you will have peace of mind that work done on your vehicle has been completed to the highest standard.

Due to the modern engineering equipment and techniques being used, there will be a 'continuous workflow' to maximise efficiency and reduce cycle times, resulting in an increase in productivity and a shoter wait for your vehicle's repair to be completed.

At Startin Group Worcestershire we are very aware of our carbon footprint and environmental impact our business has on the local community and beyond, that's why when designing our approved Smart Repair Centre we wanted to maker it as energy efficient as possible. The modularity design of the approved Smart Repair Centre combines effective use of space with the lowest energy consumption, whilst the LED lighting system combines excellent lighting levels with exceptionally low energy usage. Overall, the electrical energy consumption for the entire facility is less than one conventional combi spraybooth whilst gas consumption is less than 40%.