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Latest Finance Deals on a New Škoda

For The Latest Finance Deals on a New Škoda

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At Startin Škoda, we like to ensure that our customers have a full understanding of all the available finance options so that you can be sure of getting the best deal. Everyone’s requirements vary and to make sure that your individual needs are met, there are a range of different consumer finance plans available from Škoda. Each one is explained in brief to help you choose. Plus we will be pleased to advise you personally and tailor a quote for you.
There is a range of financing options to choose from including:

Solutions (Personal Contract Plan)

Solutions is a flexible personal contract plan which could help to give you more car for your money – it helps you drive the Škoda you really want maybe at a monthly cost less than you think.
Designed around you and your budget, Solutions works to your preferred repayments over your agreed term of anything between eighteen months and three and a half years. You can also hold back some of the cost of the car until the end of the contract, when you can choose one of these options:
· Part exchange your car for a new Škoda
· Make all the payments and keep your car
· Return your car to your Škoda retailer

How does Solutions work?

Step 1 – Agree a repayment period and estimate your annual mileage
Step 2 – Set a deferred amount to the end of the agreement (the optional final payment) to make your repayments lower
Step 3 – Pay a deposit made up of part exchange or cash as little as one repayment (in advance)
Step 4 – At the end of your repayment term you have three choices*:
· Pay off the optional final payment so you own the car
· Return the car to us and pay nothing more (subject to terms and conditions)
· Part-exchange the car for a brand new Škoda on a new Solutions contract
How you benefit
· You could regularly upgrade to a higher specification Škoda
· You could regularly change your car to suit your changing needs
· You could reduce your repayments
· You can choose to pay a smaller deposit

Hire Purchase

This is a simple and straightforward way to pay for your car. You arrange to make payments for one to five years and then, once you’ve made them all, you own the car. Told you it was simple. With a hire purchase plan from Škoda Finance, owning the Škoda you want is simply a matter of time.
Whether you opt for a new or used car, hire purchase is an affordable and straightforward route to car ownership. Simply agree the term and repayments, and after the last repayment has been made it’s all yours*.

With just a ten per cent deposit, we’ll organise your fixed repayments on an individually tailored plan, spread equally over anything from twelve months to five years. Hire purchase from Škoda Finance keeps life simple and helps make budgeting easy.

How Hire Purchase works

· Choose the Škoda and the repayment period that’s right for you
· Agree a repayment amount to suit your budget
· Pay an initial deposit to start your agreement
· The balance is divided equally over the term and after the final repayment you own your Škoda*

How you benefit

· You’ll own your Škoda and keep within your preferred budget
· You can choose your own repayment period – up to five years

We have 18 finance offers available