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Vauxhall Grandland

Vauxhall Grandland

From £29,620

Vauxhall Cars For Sale

Looking for a New Vauxhall Grandland? Browse the extensive range of Vauxhall Grandland stock at your local Startin Vauxhall dealership.

Our most radical redesign. With its standout shape, the bold and powerful New Grandland puts other SUVs in the shade. Discover its range of safety and advanced driving features.
Looking for a low emission vehicle plus the long-range flexibility offered by a modern petrol or diesel car? You’ve found it. The New Vauxhall Grandland Plug-in Hybrid-e is the perfect answer.
Now available in Petrol, Hybrid or Plug-in Hybrid. 
Visit your local Startin Vauxhall dealership in Redditch to explore the New Vauxhall Grandland in detail with a brand specialist and take a test drive today!





Technical Details

Striking Design

The New Vauxhall Grandland features Vauxhall's unique Vizor styling package which organically integrates the grille, headlights and badge smoothly into one eye-catching module. The look is clean, technical, confident, and distinctive. An exciting new design language, a stylish shape, the two-tone roof and body combinations create standout out from the crowd, and the distinctive new Vauxhall Vizor makes other SUVs look ordinary. Every feature of the New Vauxhall Grandland has been carefully crafted and considered, and that includes the stylish and sporty lightweight alloy wheels. Available in your choice of 17” 18” or 19”. Although large in size, the ride remains comfortable and relaxing.

Plug-In Hybrid-e Technology

The New Vauxhall Grandland offers the long range flexibility of a petrol or diesel car, with the Plug-In Hybrid-e featuring a 1.6 litre direct injection petrol engine and electric power from a 13.2 kW battery, whilst also going up to 39 miles (WLTP - EAER) on pure electric power. In hybrid mode, the car auto selects the most suitable mode, giving you the optimal blend between performance and efficency, and regenerative braking can boost range by up to 10 percent. Plug in to over 35,000 UK charging points using the 3.7kW on-board charger. Or upgrade to the 7.4kW on-board charger and you can charge at home in less than two hours with a 7.4kW wallbox.

With the New Vauxhall Grandland’s Pure Panel digital display, all the important information is delivered straight to the driver. Energy usage, range, charging information, driving modes are all available at a glance. Vauxhall Connect is a smart technology system that gives you peace of mind on every journey. Services including Emergency Call, Breakdown Call and Vehicle Status help keep you relaxed as you drive.

Comfortable Interior

The New Vauxhall Grandland’s ergonomic active front seats give you full lumber support, with extendable and tiltable seat cushioning, plus lots of adjustable settings, so it is easy to find the ideal postion for a comfortable journey ahead. Electronic climate control is all about choice. The sophisticated system in the New Vauxhall Grandland offers an interior dual-zone control so you and your front passenger can each have your own personalised climates, no need for confrontation. The New Vauxhall Grandland also comes with a heated windscreen which quickly goes to work on fogged-up and frosty windows. You can also choose heated front seats and steering wheel that’ll soon warm you up on those chilly, frosty winter mornings. Hands full of shopping bags? Use your foot. The New Vauxhall Grandland’s hands-free powered tailgate system can be opened just by waggling your foot under the rear bumper. It's as easy as that.

Advanced Safety Features & Tech

Safety is a priority for everyone, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. The New Vauxhall Grandland comes packed with innovative features such as Active Drive Assist, Front Camera System and Side Blind Zone Alert, making your driving experience calmer, whilst remaining stress and worry-free whilst at the wheel.

Find difficulty parking? The panoramic rear-view camera gives you a 180° or 360° view, making reversing simple and stress-free. Push a button and the New Vauxhall Grandland smoothly and safely steers you into even the tightest parking space. Easy as that.

Night Vision is Vauxhall's latest nighttime driving innovation. The advanced infrared camera improves visibility and detects pedestrians and animals up to 100 metres away in the dark. Making nighttime driving safer. Available as standard on the New Vauxhall Grandland's Ultimate trim level.

Adaptive IntelliLux LED Pixel headlights are a new technology for Vauxhall, offering glare-free light on high beam whilst driving the New Vauxhall Grandland. That improves night visibility without dazzling oncoming drivers.


More comfort, convenience and control
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