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Discover the Meaning of Convenience with the MyVauxhall App


Exclusively for Vauxhall drivers, MyVauxhall app is your one-stop shop for everything Vauxhall.

More comfort, convenience and control
Ready to make life easier? Meet MyVauxhall – your one-stop shop for everything Vauxhall.

From owner's manuals and online service booking, tutorial ‘how to’ videos on your model, access to V-magazine online, to product updates and connected services activation – you can access all this for FREE through the MyVauxhall app.
Just think of it as a miniature dealership at your fingertips.

And if you drive an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, you’ll love our e-Remote Control app feature.

Use it to pre-condition your cabin temperature before journeys – and maximise your charge. Or pre-schedule charging times at night, and benefit from cheaper electricity.

App or online? Your call.

Download the MyVauxhall app from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (Apple).​ Or access selected features at the MyVauxhall website.

Accessing MyVauxhall

You can access MyVauxhall via our app or online. If you bought your vehicle through the Vauxhall Store, you can use the same log-in details.

Once you’ve accessed your account, just enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) and check out all the services you can take advantage of.

Click HERE to find your VIN on your Vauxhall.

Staying Connected
Discover just a few of the many benefits of MyVauxhall, designed with you in mind.

- Destination and Park Assist
- Remote Control
- Reminders and Online Booking
- EV Remote Services

Create A MyVauxhall Account


Key Features of MyVauxhall

If your vehicle comes with Vauxhall Connect, you now have access to a range of services like real time traffic updates and send to phone trip planning. And, for EVs, cabin preconditioning and scheduled charging – so your Vauxhall is ready to go when you are.

Enjoy peace of mind on every trip, day or night. Our smart technology and connected services keeps you safe and updated at all times, with:

  • Breakdown call (b-call) - In the event of an accident or breakdown, your can rely on Vauxhall Connect with its own SIM card installed in your car or van. In the event of a serious accident, such as airbag inflated, an automatic message will go off to the emergency services with details of your location.
  • Emergency call (SOS e-call) -  Press the button and you’ll be put straight through to the emergency services on the system’s integrated phone. 
  • Vehicle status and information**
  • Maintenance alerts, fuel level, average fuel consumption and mileage

Vauxhall’s fully integrated navigation system helps you stay informed, providing real-time information from the leading European GPS provider, TomTom®. It can be operated using natural voice recognition, meaning your eyes need never leave the road.

Vauxhall Live Navigation Plus is included free of charge for three years and can then be renewed at a cost.

  • TomTom® services
  • Real-time traffic news
  • Parking prices and availability
  • Weather forecast on your journey
  • Natural voice control
  • Fuel prices at petrol stationsSearch for charging stations
  • Quick search for addresses and points of interest
  • Road safety alerts

With our electric & hybrid models, you can use our E-REMOTE functionality which offers everything from scheduling your charging, keeping an eye on your range and pre-conditioning your vehicle's cabin temperature. It’s all done remotely through the MyVauxhall app via e-remote.

Why not charge overnight, when electricity tariffs are cheaper. Use Vauxhall Connect to pre-program your chosen times, or your MyVauxhall app to pre-set a schedule remotely. Then plug in and let your wallbox do the rest.

We all need some comfort in our lives, with the remote pre-conditioning feature it allows you to warm or cool the vehicle to your preferred temperature before starting your journey. This feature also allows you to maximise range if your vehicle is on charge, by taking energy from the source, rather than the battery.

The E-REMOTE is Free with the MyVauxhall App

With our Intelligent Telemaintenance, Vauxhall continuously monitors the key functions of your 

vehicle and notifies you as soon as something needs attention. We will then contact you so you can book an appointment at your local Retailer.​

Telemaintenance is provided free of charge by Vauxhall for a minimum of three years, or for as long as you own the vehicle and remain subscribed.

All of your vehicle’s data is encrypted and held securely, with only Vauxhall able to access it.

Alerts include:

• Service due
• Fluid levels
• Powertrain
• Safety system
• Electrical system
• Braking s

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