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ŠKODA New logo, colours and future identity

07 September 2022

ŠKODA is changing its logo, steering towards the electrification and digitalisation of the world. “The increasingly intensive use of the logo in various digital formats has led us to redesign the logo in two-dimensional graphics that are easier to recognise and more distinctive on displays, as well as in print, than the existing three-dimensional design,” says Petra Mackeová from the company’s marketing department, explaining the principles behind the changes.

In addition to the new graphic design, the branding has undergone other changes. The company will now use the ŠKODA name and traditional winged arrow in a ring more separately, with the name becoming the main communication tool. This typographic logo will appear not only on the rear of ŠKODA cars, as it has in recent years, but also on the front. 


Customers and fans of the ŠKODA brand will start encountering the new logo gradually. First it will appear on communication materials. from 2024 the logo will also start to appear on new models. The logo and other brand elements will also gradually start appearing in cars’ infotainment systems and at dealers.


Here at Startin Skoda we look forward to the future of the brand and the new products on the horizon.